Think deeply together for the possibility.

We are working together to create new possibilities for everyday life.

With a talented team in each area
we are pioneering the convenience of the future.
The technology that we develop today,
will enable a new way of life.

Our culture

Our incredible capabilities come from our team.

We are on a grand mission to create IoT technology for a better everyday life. We can't do it alone, so we're bringing together the talents of our crew, each a specialist in their own field, to create unprecedented momentum. That's why we're constantly improving; that's why we're a team.

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Growth Mindset

Our culture of growth is what drives us.

We know that growth through learning and experience is priceless, so we always support and encourage this culture. That's why we create so many opportunities and support for everyone on our team to grow.


We are a close-knit team.

We tackle big goals that no one person can achieve alone. This takes the form of a crew of highly skilled crew members, each of whom fills in for the other and brings out the best in each individual. This is the ideal of ONE TEAM, which allows us to take on challenges without fear of failure.

Autonomy and Responsibility

Autonomy and responsibility are the confidence of a team.

We believe that we should be free to find our own way of solving problems. We expect the results of creative and efficient thinking to be the key to bringing everyone closer to our goals.

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Our specialist crew unleashes the infinite abilities.


GOQUAL's crew are experts in different fields. We will not be complacent. We're always up for a challenge so that we can demonstrate our limitless abilities in our respective positions, erase each other's shortcomings and move forward one step at a time. We think, discuss, and act as a "crew" towards our customers and our mission.

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Crew that enjoy the growth.

Crew that enjoy the growth. A crew that enjoys growing is a valuable asset to us.

We can't reach our mission by resting on our laurels. A crew that enjoys trying and failing, believing it's part of the growth process, is the only ideal we can hope for.

Communication makes us stronger

Communication makes us stronger.

The ability to listen to others and communicate your thoughts in an understandable way is an invaluable skill. The team thrives when the crew ask questions and openly discuss their skills.

From the customer's perspective.

From the customer's perspective.

We're constantly watching how our customers use our products and services and thinking about how we can improve their experience. We want to ensure that our ideas become new journeys for our customers.

Think about essentials

Think about the essence.

We always pursue the essence of the problem to be solved. Rather than simply eliminating problems, we think carefully about the link between results and effects and put them into action.

One Team for One Crew.

ONE TEAM's mindset is for the crew.

The mindset that everyone is on one team is not just about a sense of belonging. Everyone helps me correct the path I am wandering on, and overcomes the parts that other crew members find difficult, creating an opportunity for us to grow together.

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Work and life balance

The growth of crew is our core resources.

Our most valuable resource is the growth of our team.

Freedom to immerse in work

Flexible holidays / Staggered working hour system / Late arrival system

Let's create new horizons for the IoT together.

GOQUAL would like to join you on this unprecedented journey to make IoT more popular. If you're not afraid of failure and want to take on challenges with confidence, we'd like you to join us as part of a crew where you can unleash your full potential.

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